Denbigh Industrial Estate
Parish: Clarendon
Location: Denbigh
Property Type: Industrial Estate (IE)
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Denbigh, May Pen

Denbigh Industrial Estate lies in the vicinity of Jacob's Hut on the western periphery of May Pen,  and is approximately 10 kilometers west of the  May Pen Town Centre.
The area has the benefit of piped water supply, electricity and telephone services.  Sewage disposal is by a central sewage system, and roads in the area are in generally fair condition.

The area also has the benefit of garbage collection, and is within easy reach of schools, churches, public hospital and a myriad of goods and services located at May Pen Town Centre.
Space Information:

Industrial Estate (IE)

Fty #1- 60,000sf

Occupancy - 67% (Click for more info)

Lease Expiry Date: Multitenanted, contact Estate for date info

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Site Plan:


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